Wien Museum Karlsplatz Expansion

We want the new museum to have expressions of mystique, feast, expectation, and shimmer of atmosphere while preserving the significant existing building from the republican era.
As if the a piece of angel’s clothe falls down from the and covers up the museum, a historically significant existing facade is conserved preciously. The existing museum that appear slightly through the veil creates the mysterious atmosphere, which seduces the guests to look it closely and bring into the museum.  Slits are cut all over in the veil to create the opening for the entrances and to maintain the existing park passages. These cuts make the access to museum easier for the gusts coming from all directions. The museum becomes “the museum for everybody”. By covering the existing museum, additional museum, sculptures and some trees in the park, the continuous semi-open space from the park filled with light and breeze emerges in the new museum under the veil. The Event space in the ground level is synthetically used with foyer. The various types of events are enable to take place in the space. In the park, gates and gazebos covered with veils are planned out. They turn the part to “art square” where the citizen and tourists enjoy and relax the day.
The guests encounter the various events from the park entrance to the museum. They face the beautiful sceneries of the church, classical buildings and the nature. After passing the swaying veil, they touch significant sculptures and existing museum facade in the foyer filled with the natural light. In the museum, they learn the history of Vienna though the exhibition. The museum becomes “architecture of encounter”.
In term of urban fabric, the mass of the new museum reflects the mass of the university along the urban axis of Karlskirche church. This symmetry works as a stage drape to emphasize the church as a significant symbol of Vienna. With the translucent facade merging into the sky and trees, the new museum harmonizes with the surrounding buildings and nature.



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