Renovation of Ikeda Herb Greenhouse Competition, 2nd prize



Deterioration of greenhouse facilities, reduction of herb farmers, longing for an all-weather facility where people in the town can easily get together, and a lack of place to promote Wine made in Ikeda town, a new tourism resource. This is a competition scheme for a greenhouse renovation of an existing herb center, while overcoming these issues facing the town. What could be the facility unique to town of Ikeda and people long for?

用 途 :公園、観光案内所、多目的スペース
敷 地 :長野県池田町
構 造 :S造
延床面積 :1,300㎡
敷地面積 : 1,950㎡
設 備 :ZO設計室
外 構 :スタジオテラ

Use: Park and Visitor Center
Site:Nagano Prefecture
Structure: Steel
Floor Area:1,300㎡
Site Area: 1,950㎡
Status:2nd Prize Competition
MEP: ZO Sekkeishitsu
Landscape: Studio Terra

Renovation of Ikeda Herb Greenhouse Competition, 2nd prize


The greenhouse was originated as an orangery in a corner of the house due to the need for a warm room to grow rare plants and oranges brought from the colonized warm countries and developed into a social space for the aristocrats. At the World Exposition of London in 1851, the rare goods brought from all over the world exhibited at the Crystal Palace were opened to the public, and the greenhouse had been prevailed for education, entertainment, and socializing.

池田町の中庭を作る/Creating a Courtyard for town of Ikeda


As with the greenhouse that used to be a social space, we will create a “courtyard of Ikeda” where people can easily get together to be a social space in the town all year round.

①与件/ Given Conditions

Hot summer and cold winter. While improving the inconvenient indoor environment, it will be a better facility where anyone can feel free to stop by.

②母屋を作る/ A Main House

The space adjacent to the existing warehouse/office building is completely converted into the indoor space, and it becomes easy to control the air conditioning, and a space that can be used through all year. It can be used in a multi-purpose way to meet the needs of town people such as sightseeing PR, wine tasting, and lecture events.

③中庭(公園スペース)の整備/ A Park

A park space like an outdoor plaza is created, and it integrates with the main building. In the park space, plants unique to Ikeda Town will be planted and become an interaction zone where visitors can experience the nature of Ikeda.

④縁側(屋外スペース)の整備/ A peripheral Porch

A cozy exterior space around the courtyard will be prepared. It will serve as a veranda that connects to the town. The eaves made of grape shelves can be seen from the cars that pass along the road, making it a new symbol of Ikeda Town.

新たな町のシンボル!! / A New Town Symbol!!

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