AWA Four-Story Timber Housing Competition, 3rd prize



The first competition was held in Tokushima Prefecture after the construction of four-story timber buildings had become possible due to the law revision in 2019. The guideline was that four existing deteriorated housing complexes are deconstructed and integrated into a four-story timber housing complex. The site, Shinhama town, encounters many problems such as inundation damage and aging population problems, vacant house problems, and the lack of grocery store and greenery. In areas with many single parents and elderly households, the residents spontaneously interact one another and foster a relationship of watching and helping neighbors. This is a scheme that foster such a warm and kindly relationships that would be a catalyst for the hopeful future of Shinhama town.

用途 :県営住宅
敷地 :徳島県徳島市
構造 :木造
延床面積 :1,370㎡
敷地面積 :3,700㎡

Use: Affordable Housing
Site: Tokushima Prefecture
Structure: Timber
Floor Area: 1,370㎡
Site Area: 3,700㎡
Status: 3rd Prize in Competition

①敷地東側に配置 / Place the building on the east side of the site

The building is located on the east side of the site. A large and bright open space surrounded by the housing complex will be secured as a “everyone’s garden” that can be shared locally.

②ずらす / Shifted

The building volumes are shifted to allow ventilation and daylight from the south. This move not only minimizes to cast shadow over the neighborhood, but also maximize privacy.

③繋げる / Connected

A common area such as a veranda and a balcony will be provided to connect the buildings. The north side of the volume is lowered to avoid the sun shadow regulation, which turns into firework terrace.

住民の交流を育む縁側と設え / Fixtures and Engawa Veranda that foster social interaction

The single-row uniform residential unit layout that pursues efficiency and economy is open on only two sides, and allows little interaction among residents.

ずらす+コア / Shifted & Centered Core

By shifting or separating the units and consolidating the water area in the central core, it becomes a well-ventilated and open floor plan with four open sides.

縁側+設え / Engawa Veranda & Fixtures

The common area around the residential unit will work as the “Engawa Veranda”, in which installed fixtures of benches, curbs, dirt floors allow interaction among residents. Those fixtures help to rest for the elderly and people with disabilities along Engawa.

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長く住み続けられる団地 / Dwell longer

As the number of family member changes, the unit can easily update the number of rooms by detachable sliding doors, taking advantage of characteristics of the center core. it makes possible to continue living in the housing complex for a long time.