Alley in Aramachi

A private residence with a café and photo studio is located in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture. The house is composed of a photo studio and a cafe run by the owner on the ground level, and the owner and his parents’ residence on the second floor. The site is sandwiched between the road and a 14 story condominium, which is scheduled to be built on the north side of the site.
A part of the volume is carved out to place an open cafe and a pergola covers the alley which continues from outside to inside of the cafe, to connect the southern road to the northern plaza. The widened alley functioned as a part of the plaza as well as a vestibule where neighbors pass through and gather. The living area on the 2nd floor facing the condominium and adjacent houses, will be closed as much as possible on the north, east and west sides due to secure privacy. On the other hand, the south side is wide open, allowing natural light into the deep space, creating a bright and open living environment.
A two story commercial building with piloti space designed by STUDIO YY has been on construction on the adjacent plot. Three spaces; alley, condominium square, and piloti space, are connected one another are expected to work as a common space of the town.

Use: Residence with a photo studio and cafe
Site:City of Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture
Structure: Timber
Floor Area:163.8㎡
Site Area: 193.35㎡
Completion:Jan, 2020
Structure: Inoue Kenichi
MEP: Toshio Takei
Photography: GRAPHY Inc.



用途 :店舗併設住宅
敷地 :群馬県高崎市
構造 :木造
延床面積 :163.8㎡
敷地面積 : 193.35㎡
竣工 :2020年1月
構造 :井上健一構造設計事務所
設備 :武井設備研究所
写真 :GRAPHY Inc.

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