Capes and Waves CAW

A competition proposal for a technical school that covers every subject related to fish, such as aquaculture, aquarium design, and cooking. The site is located at the tip of the peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture. The school is conceived as the composition of the “capes and waves” reminiscent of an unique scenery of the peninsula where inlets and forests are interwoven and create rich ecosystems.
Volumes like protruding capes are called “Cape terrace”. A space surrounded by the cape and made out of layers of waves is named as “Wave Square”. Two distinctive spaces facing the ocean provide spaces where various school activities can be taken place. They integrate social spaces for students, extracurricular activity area, and event spaces where the student meet the locals, and become a lively space suitable for the main approach of the school. In addition, Cape Terrace and Wave Square protect students and teachers from Tsunami and storm surges caused by typhoons.

Use: Vocational College
Site:Kanagawa Prefecture
Structure: Reinforced Concrete
Floor Area:1,700㎡
Site Area: 3,600㎡
Status:Invited Competition



用途 :専門学校
敷地 :神奈川県
構造 :RC造
延床面積 :1,700㎡
敷地面積 : 3,600㎡
竣工予定 :2020年春


A building volume is placed in parallel with the ocean to acquire views of the ocean from all classrooms.

②受け流す/ Warding off Tsunami

A part of ground floor volumes are rotated 90 degree to warding off the pressure of Tsunami.

③持ち上げる/ Lifting up

An entire building is lifted up 1m to avoid storm surges caused by typhoons.

④ならす/ Smoothing the ground.

Barrier-free ramps are created by utilizing the excavated earth to smooth level from the ground level to raised up first floor.

⑤盛り上げる/ Raising

Mounding and steps allow users to escape smoothly from Tsunami within anywhere in the site.

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