Annaka Plastic Milling Factory

A design competition scheme with relocation of a plastic milling factory, located near the old Nakasando in city of Annaka, Gunma Prefecture. While emphasizing work efficiency and functionality as a factory, the scheme aims to create an open environment filled with natural day light and breeze where employees feels happy and cheer.

The plant is composed of two elements; a big roof that covers the large space of the factory, and a single ribbon-like wall that forms rooms such as a meeting room and a break room. Slits in the big roof bring the indirect natural light into workshop space to create a bright and open work environment. The rooms formed by the ribbon walls surround the workshop space and the courtyard, making it a comfortable environment like a park where people can always feel somebody through the courtyard.

Use: Factory
Client:Private Company
Site:Annaka, Gunma Prefecture
Structure: Steel
Floor Area:1,300㎡
Site Area: 4,300㎡
Status:Invited Competition




用途 :工場
敷地 :群馬県安中市
構造 :鉄骨造
建築面積 :1,300㎡
敷地面積 :4,300㎡

①作業場の配置/ Placing A Volume

In order to minimize vibration from the boulevard, a factory is positioned as far as possible away from the boulevard. This positioning clearly separates the employee entrance from loading approach.


The related rooms are arranged along the workshop, as if ribbon is wrapped. The layout shorten the flow between rooms and improves work efficiency. The ribbon wall works as a barrier to reduce the vibration from the boulevard.

③リボン壁の出し入れ/ In and Out

By pushing in and out of the ribbon wall, a part of the closed exterior is opened up toward the outside, creating a lobby space as well as a courtyard.

④切妻屋根をかける/ Lowering the Roof Line.

By lowering the roof line, the plant harmonize with the surrounding, as well as reduces the volume of the building to cut the running cost such as air conditioning.

⑤屋根の操作/ Manipulating the Roof

By cutting the roof diagonally, it brings the natural day light into the courtyard and office. Bending up a part of the roof secures the space for the truck to load merchandises.

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