Experience Center

Sales Center as a lifestyle museum

This is the interior project of a sales office of High-rise apartments we have been designing in China. It is an experience base sales office like an art museum where guests learn and experience the lifestyle to live in the new developed plot as well as three other plots that develops together. As art works are displayed with walls and podiums in the museum, the lifestyle themselves are displayed as works in this sales center. After passing through the entrance like a misterious cave, a double height space welcomes guests. They walk around freely in the exhibition space with drinks in the hand, and learn about the project while experiencing lifestyle of these developments.

Use: Exhibition
Client:Local Developer
Structure: Reinforced Concrete
Floor Area:3,000㎡
Status:Complete in 2020



用途 :展示場
施主 :ディベロッパー
敷地 :中国
構造 :鉄筋コンクリート
建築面積 :3,000㎡
竣工予定 :2020年

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Movable Panel Modules


Wall panels work as backdrops to display various lifestyles. A series of lifestyles is created by various numbers and combination of panels.

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