Kindergarten Hill
キッズデザイン賞 2020, ウッドデザイン賞 2020


第27回千葉県建築文化賞優秀賞 キッズデザインアワード2020受賞、ウッドデザインアワード2020受賞


This is a project to reconstruct a 50-year-old kindergarten into a certified childcare center in a one-story wooden building. The site is surrounded by a number of apartment complexes. The west side of the site is only place opened up to green space. Studio YY designed the kindergarten building as if it were built on a hill overlooking the green space, so that the children would be surrounded by greenery, where they could learn through play and where they could be nurtured to be energetic children. For children who love to run around and climb up, a hill-like a single-sloping roof facing the green space is designed. The playgrounds are scattered on the roof, and it is penetrated as if caves to connect the interior and exterior spaces. Under the roof, the nursery and the forest hall are arranged side by side toward the green space, so that the environment is as if it were built in a forest, even though it is located in a housing complex. The hall was placed in the center of the preschool building to provide a place where local residents and parents can also interact with each other.

用途 :認定こども園
敷地 :千葉県千葉市
構造 :木造
延床面積 :850㎡
敷地面積 :2,800㎡
構造 :井上健一構造設計事務所
設備 :武井設備研究所
写真 :GRAPHY Inc.

Use: Kindergarten
Site: City of Chiba, Chiba Prefecture
Structure: Timber
Floor Area: 850㎡
Site Area: 2,800㎡
Completion: February, 2020
Structure: Inoue Kenichi
MEP: Toshio Takei
Photography: GRAPHY Inc.

学びを誘発する遊びの丘/ A playful hill that induces learning


A roof like a hill in the forest is placed to connect the garden, which is brightened by the sun, with the school building. For children who learn and strengthen their bodies through play, the roof of the hill is interspersed with play areas in the forest where they can stimulate their imagination, run around, and run up. In addition, places that lead to play are scattered around the hill, such as caves in the walls and pillars that can be climbed, creating a place where children can play and learn according to their curiosity.