Japanese Cuisine Yamato

Location: Ebisu, Tokyo
Completion: May 2017
Main finishes:Floor; Mortar w/ brass strips, Wall; Texture stucco & Tiles
Lighting:Daiko & STUDIO YY
Total Floor Area:82.5㎡
2017 5月竣工

An interior project of Japanese casual cuisine near by Ebisu Station in the heart of Tokyo.

Instead of pushing typical Japanese style in front, we reinterpreted the traditional Japanese techniques and materials to create a calm atmosphere while slightly feeling Japanese WA, which could attracts people from abroad living around the Ebisu area, as well as Japanese customers.

Brass strips are used to create the floor pattern. Stones turn into door handles. Traditional wood door patterns are reinterpreted to create the screens with suede leather strips. Water elements in the Japanese garden turned into the symbolic lighting fixtures.

Water drops constantly from the special device above the water basin and create ripples onto it. The lights drop the flickering shadow of the ripples on the floor and reflect them into the ceiling. This phenomenon of water and light creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.


恵比寿駅西口からすぐの和風創作料理店の設計。和を強く押しだすのではなく、和を感じられつつも無国籍な落ち着いた雰囲気とした。粗めの左官の仕上げと細溝付きのタイル、木部や家具はウォールナット色として、全体に陰影のある表情をつくるようにした。また、真鍮 黒釉(くろぐすり)を使ったタイル 素地の石取っ手 絞り組みの仕切り、ししおどしを思わせるガラス照明など、和の素材や手法を読み替えて空間を構成した。