Kindergarten Hill

A rebuilding project of a 50-year-old kindergarten located in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. The site is surrounded by a number of public affordable housings. Only west side of the site is opened up toward green belt space. Therefore, we designed a kindergarten like a hill overlooking green space where children can grow up surrounded by greenery. A big sloped roof is placed toward green area, and connect the space inside and outside by carving out the part of roof. Many playgrounds are scattered around on the slope where children learn many things through the playgrounds and architecture with curiosity. By revealing children activities, the whole community intentionally watches them for safety and turn into a best environment to raise children.

Use: Kindergarten
Client:Incorporated Educational Foundation
Site:Chiba, Chiba Prefecture
Structure: Timber
Floor Area:1,060㎡
Site Area: 2,800㎡
Expected Completion:Spring, 2020



用途 :認定こども園
敷地 :千葉県千葉市
構造 :木造
建築面積 :1,060㎡
敷地面積 : 2,800㎡
竣工予定 :2020年春

①丘を作る/ Placing

By locating the sloped volume on the east side of the site, the garden is integrated with the greenery around the site。

②日を受ける/ Receiving the Sunlight

The clerestories are installed to receive the natural day light in the morning. During winter, the sunlight brought into the class room heats up the floor before kids arrive to the classrooms.

③掘り込む/ Carving out

A hill is carved out to make caves to connect classrooms and the garden.

④遊び場をつくる/ Placing Playgrounds

The playgrounds are scattered throughout the garden including on the hill-shaped roof, to create learning spaces to raise healthy children.

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コミュニティーと繋がるホール/ A hall bridged to the community

A hall will be placed in the center of the kindergarten and adjacent to the entrance hall. Movable partition walls provide a multifunctional role to a hall, such as a space to connect with a community where parents can easily come in and interact with their children.